Why I Am a Former Network Marketer

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why I am a former network marketerI think if you have read any part of this website you will easily see why I am a former network marketer. Please understand, I am still a marketer and a believer in residual income. But I have simply found a better way to achieve that result (for me) [Go HERE to find out more].

Many current network marketers or those considering becoming one have asked me why I left the traditional network marketing approach. This website answers that question in a lot of ways. But there are 4 key reasons why I am a former network marketer.  They are as follows:

It Simply Wasn’t a Natural Fit

why I am a former network marketerMany network marketing companies are so “rah rah.” It seems that the people that do well in those companies are comfortable in the rah rah arena. I guess they are rah rah people. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, to each his own. But that simply wasn’t a fit for me. I think it is not a fit for most people. 

I am more comfortable just talking about things as they come up naturally. The subject of health tends to come up without any intent on my part. It is a natural and comfortable way to ease into what has worked for me. When people are not healthy they are wide open to hear any tips, suggestions or about any products that may help. This has allowed me to help people in need and build my business at the same time.

I Found it Hard to Trust the Gurus

why I am a former network marketerI don’t know what it is but I always had trouble trusting the superstars and super gurus of the network marketing industry. Their persona seemed to rub me the wrong way. Maybe that’s not your experience but I have never been a big fan of over-adoring people (except for my wife). Network marketing people really flock to these gurus and act as though they are bigger than life. For me, they are just people who found the means to build a successful business.

I found a caring mentor/coach who is not only a business partner, but a true friend. He honestly cares about my success. Other gurus I have been involved with seemed to be only “surface” interested in me and my success. But my current mentor truly cares and has shown it in countless ways. I’d love to introduce you to him.

The Success Testimonials Were Too Unbelievable

why I am a former network marketerYou may want to read my entire post on testimonials HERE. I go into a lot more detail there. But in short I always struggled to accept the almost unbelievable-ness of some of these stories. Most testimonials are from people who said that they merely asked people to join and they did. All they did was follow the system and people lined up to join. I found that simply too hard to believe. Why? Because I used the same system, the same way, but with dismal results. Why would a system work for one person and not for another? I always believed that there was something fishy in Denmark.

I am sure that all testimonials are not bogus. But I believe most are either dishonest or skewed in one way or another. Why? Because I have done exactly what these people say they did. I have given the presentation, used the same scripts, and shared my own experience. It just doesn’t make sense that some people would have such phenomenal results while others did not. Yes, I realize that you may think that I really didn’t try as hard as these successful people did. But you would be wrong. I had invested lots of money and effort. I really wanted to be successful. I did indeed work the business hard.

The Negative connotation of the Network Marketing Industry

One thing is for sure and that is that many people, perhaps even most, have a poor view of network marketing and network marketers. There was a time when people were clueless about the industry. But these days many people are well aware of the industry and the approaches that people take to market their “businesses.” People have their network marketing guard up and I saw it many times. People tend to be suspicious and scam-conscious. Many people view network marketing as a scam or pyramid scheme. I found this everywhere I went and as I attempted to share my opportunity with them. It is amazingly frustrating to run into these people so regularly.

I found that people are far more open to what I do now. It is normal and natural. People are never suspicious. Obviously I would love to share with you how this business works.

I hope this post has been helpful.

Tony Guthrie


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