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What referral marketing

What Referral MarketingIf you have read through much of the site then you have seen that I am not the biggest fan of “typical” network marketing companies. Please understand, I REALLY admire people who want to change their lives in personal and financial ways. But reality check time …

Thousands upon thousands of people have attempted network marketing with only about 3% seeing any level of monetary success (across ALL companies). I tried several companies over a 10 year span and learned, the hard way, that it is simply too much of a challenge to build a traditional or “typical” Network Marketing business. Most people simply are not comfortable with the high pressure approaches or the hype related to these companies. The problem wasn’t me. The problem was the approach of the industry. It simply wasn’t for me. Perhaps, it isn’t for you either.

BUT, the above reality doesn’t mean that you and I can’t be in a profitable part-time or full-time business. For me, and I hope for you, Referral Marketing was the better, more comfortable route.

So Tony, What is Referral Marketing?

What Referral MarketingReferral marketing works differently in that products go straight from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

When you read a good book or discover a great new restaurant, you simply tell your friends about it and give them your recommendation. That is how referral marketing works!

– NO Start-up captial needed
– No need to hold product stock
– No unit sales

What Referral MarketingSimply approach others and share your experience (story)

What Referral MarketingDo as much or as little as you are comfortable with

Please take a few momentsĀ and watch the two videos below. This will take about 6 minutes of your time. The first video was made by my mentor, friend, and business coach; Todd Burrier. Todd is simply the real deal. A real friend, gentleman, and a man who does not believe in hype. He is an referral marketing industry leader. If you decide to work with me then you will benefit from the invaluable training Todd provides.


And If You are Intrigued enough to give a full hour of your valuable time to see how you can begin to change your life NOW … then watch this video (click the Image)

If you would like more information about referral marketing, please contact me by email at

I will answer your questions and will not pressure you. You have my word on that. It is not the Life Plus way. It certainly isn’t mine.

Final note: My health was completely turned around because of the amazing products this company offers.