What About Network Marketing?

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What about Network MarketingIt’s an interesting article title, “What about network marketing?” But according to my research thousands of people search that term every month. Why? I am not sure. But I will share some thoughts on the question as I understand and interpret it. So here are a few thoughts related to the question.

What is Network Marketing? 

what about network marketingAccording to Wikipedia, network marketing/multilevel marketing is a means of conducting business in which a team of committed sales people earn commissions not merely for sales of products and services they generate, but also for the generated sales of their recruits (people they bring into the business), which creates a down-line of independent business owners (distributors) and a pecking order of multiple levels of compensation.

Should You Join Network Marketing?

What about Network Marketingwhat about network marketingThat question is best answered by reading this post —> Should I Join Network Marketing? … but in short the answer is, maybe. You have to be a certain kind of person to join a typical network marketing company. For one, you have to be amazingly outgoing. You have to be willing to talk up your products (or services) along with the business opportunity ALL the time. Why? Because most people will simply not be interested. So, you will always be on the lookout for customers and potential recruits.

Another thing to consider is the time it will take to actually build a reasonable income. If you are on the slow road and the idea of a few years to really get it going doesn’t concern you, then you are a good candidate. If, however, you need to turn over money quickly then you may need to consider other options.

Is Network Marketing a Scam?

What about Network MarketingThe industry as a whole is NOT a scam. There are some good companies out there. Here’s one (click here). Are there countless ruthless people and companies in the industry? YES!!! Have thousands upon thousands of people been scammed over the years? Yes!!! Can you lose TONS of money by putting it in the pockets of the so-called industry leaders? YES!!!

The network marketing industry lost the credibility and trust factor in the eyes of millions of people seemingly decades ago. Many people, perhaps even most, believe the industry is a scam and therefore much of the customer base is already against you.  Whether the industry is a scam or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is that hundreds of thousands of people believe that it is. The old adage, “Perception is reality” is certainly applicable to the network marketing world. As noted there are some good companies out there. See my review of one of them by clicking here.

Any Questions?

So, what about network marketing? There is so much more that I could say but I can’t say it all in one post. This entire site is dedicated to revealing the honest truth about network marketing: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Please peruse the site and contact me with thoughts or questions at tony@morningcoffeecommute.com. I answer every email within 48 hours. I’d love to hear from you.

The best!


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12 thoughts on “What About Network Marketing?

  1. Hi Tony,

    I agree with everything you say in this post. unfortunately for me I didn’t ask myself the question of whether I was the right person to do network marketing. So I realised once I had started that it wasn’t for me. The main reason was the fact that I was an introvert. So I would advise people to think carefully before signing up to it.

  2. Network marketing is just a way of getting the word out about the company and it’s products through word of mouth advertising. In traditional marketing, you have to pay for advertising fees and in Network Marketing you pay your people that are out there spreading the word instead. I am not personally involved in any Network Marketing company but I do see it as a great opportunity to get into business for yourself very inexpensively.

    1. I agree Tamara. The right company for each person is the best approach. I am now focusing on referral marketing. ~ Tony

  3. Hi Tony,
    I’ve tried a few network marketing schemes like Organo Gold for instance. Whenever I completed the training and got out there to meet prospects, I would always come up against the wall of public perception. It’s so true what you say about the industry – not all networks are bad, however the overall perception has certainly changed!

    Its time to look at more sustainable models for marketing that don’t have the negative perception associated with network marketing.

    Thanks again Tony for highlighting this problem

  4. Hello Tony. When I first read your article about network marketing, I was a bit confused, because I mistook it for affiliate marketing. I am only a few months into this, although I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015, but didn’t really get serious until I became a yearly premium member around Christmas 2016. So, I looked around your site, which is looking very good by the way, and realized you were in WA also. For some reason I didn’t think about it at first because after all, I am responding to your article through comments section on WA! So, the article was great, the site looks awesome, and thank you for sharing!

  5. Hello, Tony. You touched an interesting topic because people buy things online, they earn money online. It is nothing wrong with it just we need to be careful and do not catch every bait which sounds to be good as to be true.
    The network marketing is real thing, just we need to check information about it and gather all feedback as possible.
    There are trustworthy and legit companies which provide great service and teach secrets of online business.
    Marketing will be always until the Internet will exist. We can create our reputation providing the best possible service.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

  6. Good you drove the point home, that if people are looking to turn a quick buck when it comes to network marketing they might want to look another way. I so totally agree with you there. I think if more people are told the truth about the industry before they get started, they may have a stronger mindset to stick it out for a few years. The slogan “Team work; Makes the dream work” sums up the mentality of network marketing in a nutshell. What are your thoughts?

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