4 Truths About Network Marketing – Part Three

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The Truth about Network Marketing Recruiting

truth about network marketing recruitingIn this post I want to reveal the truth about network marketing recruiting. When you hear the wonderful testimonials from these “successful” people, all they did (according to them) was tell people about the opportunity and people lined up to join. Easy enough, right? Wrong. It just doesn’t happen that way no matter what they tell you.

The Hard Truth: People are Generally Skeptical By Nature

truth about network marketing recruitingI pride myself on being fairly persuasive. I have achieved a certain level of influence in my life. I was a pastor and a college professor. I have an earned PhD. I don’t share that to brag but merely make the point that such a thing does tend to give me some extra influence with some people. People tend to admire and respect me. I know literally thousands of people.

But with all that influence, just “telling” people about the opportunity rarely worked for me. People told me, yes ME 🙂 quite quickly, “No thanks!” This happened over and over again. I shared the opportunity EXACTLY as I was trained to do. I had learned the script and said the words verbatim. Very, VERY few ever attended the webinar or watched the online video presentation.

network marketing recruitingYou see, people are skeptical by nature. They do want to earn more money and they do want to escape the rat race. But they also have a big issue with trust. Ponzi schemes and Enron-type stories have them guarded. Plus, they live by the old cliché “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

So when I would simply “tell them” about the opportunity most were not interested, even if they were actually looking for an opportunity. It was not me personally that they were rejecting. It was the opportunity. Again, people are very skeptical.

Hard Truth: Network Marketing Recruiting is Hard Work

network marketing recruitingThis is why I have come to distrust network marketing testimonials. I know that much of what is shared leaves out the real story. Recruiting people into the typical company is very hard work and it can lead to embarrassment and discouragement. There are some people who see it as a numbers game and are not impacted by the countless “no thanks” they receive. Their mindset is simple: just keep on asking and eventually they will strike gold. Good for them. I am not that kind of person. You probably aren’t either. Most people aren’t.

But to be successful in network marketing you have to recruit in one way or another. That is why it is called “network” marketing. So, you are constantly looking for people to bring in to the opportunity. No matter what you were told about “no sales,” “no recruiting,” or “no talking to friends and family” … forget it. In order to make serious money you have to sell the opportunity, in some way, to someone. With most companies this can be time-consuming, frustrating, and often alienates your friends and family.

Hard Truth: Network Marketing Gurus are …

network marketing recruitingMany gurus out there tell you to not go after your friends and family because they have shown no interest in making money in a business of their own. The guru teaches you to just find people who want an opportunity and it is so much easier to recruit them. So you purchase leads of people who supposedly expressed an interest in joining a work from home opportunity … at an incredible expense. But calling these people is often more frustrating than talking to friends. They are often rude, they don’t answer the phone, they don’t reply to emails, and so on.

truth about network marketing recruitingOf course, there is always someone out there who has figured out how to do it. They have made tons of cash with your company and/or others and will tell you exactly how they did if you will purchase their system (usually several hundred dollars). I want to to encourage you to not spend your money on these programs. I have spent 1000s for them, followed them to the letter, and seen zero to very minimal results.

Bottom line: Network marketing is a business and should be treated as such. It usually takes a significant investment each month to even be qualified to earn bonuses and commissions. Network marketing is NOT a job. It is a business that requires investment in products or services, marketing, and training. You are rarely told this on the front end by the company or your sponsor. Further you must continuously look for people to recruit. This is demanding on your time and your psyche’.

I hope this post has been helpful.

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