4 Truths About Network Marketing – Part Two

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The Truth about Network Marketing Testimonials

Ah, those wonderful network marketing testimonials. Network marketing companies love to produce moving video testimonials of their “success” stories. The videos share a common theme in most cases. Usually the person(s) telling their story had come to a bad place in their life.

  • They were strung out on drugs and lost their job.
  • They were laid off when the company down-sized.
  • Her husband left her for another woman and she had no income.
  • They were so broke that they were living in their minivan parked next to a trash dumpster behind the Mexican restaurant.
  • He was living at the office working more than 70 hours a week and was missing being a part of his 3 year old daughter’s life.
  • While he was applying hair spray the aerosol can exploded and blew his fingers off so he could no longer work as a welder.
  • Yada yada yada

In every case the network marketing company and its opportunity arrived at just the right time and saved the day for them. With tears in their eyes they share their story of how “THIS opportunity” gave them a new hope and a bright future. Truly amazing!

A Heart-Moving Story

network marketing testimonialsI once watched a “moving” video (with the appropriate emotional music in the background of course) of a young couple who went through some rough times. He was a corporate executive and she was a fitness trainer. When the economy tanked in 2008 they both lost their jobs. Not only that, she was pregnant with their first child but lost the baby to miscarriage due to the financial strain. They were emotionally distraught and financially ruined. The couple was invited to a business opportunity event and decided that since they had no other options they would join. Amazingly within 2 months they achieved a very high ranking and were making $15,000.00 each month. Two months!?!

Stories and testimonials like this one are very commonplace in the network marketing world. They are designed to pull on your heartstrings, touch your soul, and play on your hopes. I learned, however, that most of the testimonials are misleading. I was so frustrated with them (because I had seen hundreds of them) that I took it upon myself to contact some of these “successful” people with great stories. It was amazingly difficult to find them and in most cases I only found people who were acquainted with the people sharing the testimony. It took all of my persuasive abilities to get people to tell me what really happened with these people, but I finally got to the truth with a few of them.

The Testimonial Truth

network marketing testimonialsFor example, the husband of the young couple (mentioned above) actually had parents that had been involved with the company for over 20 years. It had taken them those 20 years to build their downline. To them it was a fun hobby and for most of the years they were involved it was not their primary source of income. They just enjoyed the business as it was something they could do together as a couple. So, when their son was in trouble and they wanted to retire they simply turned the business over to him. Presto! $15,000.00 per month! Moves your heart, doesn’t it?

If you could actually interview these “successful” people and ask them very direct questions, you will likely find that there is MUCH more involved and MUCH more happened than what they share in the testimonial video.

Bottom Line | Network Marketing Testimonials

View ALL success testimonies with a level of skepticism. The people on the screen are probably not telling the whole story. They probably did not simply go out and tell people and those people salivated at the chance to get involved. Not likely at all.

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