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Who is Tony Guthrie and Why Should I Read his Stuff?

truth about network marketingObviously it is a good idea to find out all you can about a person who publishes a website like this. I am happy to tell you all I can and then some. On social media you can find me on Linkedin and Facebook. Let me note on the front end that I do not hate network marketing or network marketers. I do dislike, however, the hype and false promises that so many companies use to draw in thousands of sincere people who are only looking for an honest way to better their lives both financially and from a family perspective.

Regular Guy | Not a Guru

truth about network marketingI am not an internet guru nor am I trying to be. I have been heavily involved in online marketing since 2008. I have tried many approaches in several different business types. I have been involved in several network marketing companies that were what I term as the “typical” companies. What I mean by typical is that they were mostly very hypy companies that played on people’s hopes and dreams. The marketing approaches promoted by the leadership simply fails to produce results for over 90% of people (regular folks) who attempt it. Look at any Income Disclosure Statement of ANY network marketing company and you will see that well over 90% of active distributors are making meaningless amounts of income if any.

Not a Negative Nancy | Optimistic is my Middle Name

Tony GuthriePeople involved in network marketing and other online businesses view people like me as a Negative Nancy. They will say that I am only whining because I worked a few weeks, saw no results, and decided to bash the industry as a whole through a website. I wouldn’t expect anything less from them. In fact, I really don’t blame them. They are only trying to preserve what level of integrity the industry has left. But truth is truth and facts are facts. But as you peruse this site you will soon see that there is  virtually no bashing.

The reality is that I worked diligently in every business I tried. Why wouldn’t I? I wanted to make money and see financial success. Maybe some people are Negative Nancy’s, but I wasn’t and still am not. I have a diligent work ethic. I promoted replicated websites through various online channels. I created Facebook Fan pages, groups, and built websites to promote the products and the opportunity. I purchased lead generation programs (at great expense). I purchased Facebook and Pay-Per-Click ads. I sat in on boring 2 hour training webinars, took copious notes and implemented EVERY strategy that I could afford. I did dozens of other things as well. None of these efforts produced meaningful results. I remain optimistic but I am also a realist. After years of effort and thousands invested I had learned the honest truth about network marketing (AKA: multi-level marketing or MLM) and I want to share with you.

Hard Worker | Professional History

truth about network marketingI am NOT going to toot my own horn or pat myself on the back (at least not intentionally). But people in this industry LOVE to say that people who leave their company are lazy cry-babies with bad attitudes. But most people who join a company are quite accomplished in the “real” business world. I have earned a Masters degree and a PhD. I worked my backside off doing so. Then I entered the world of university teaching (teaching over 18 years) and headed up the doctoral program of a Christian University for 7 years. I’m sorry but lazy cry-babies don’t do what I have done. And they don’t do what YOU have done either.

Tony Guthrie
Tony Guthrie teaching a University Class

Further, most people I know who have entered the network marketing industry are quiet astute and accomplished in life and/or business. To say that the 90+% of people who leave a company within a year of joining are just lazy cry-babies is about as arrogant as it gets. YOU are reading this for a reason that only you know. But it is likely because you are astute and want to do your homework. I’m glad you are here.

Ok, So Why Did I Create this Website? | My Motive?

truth about network marketingIt is very simple. I learned the truth about this industry the hard way:  through years of HUGE expense, experience, and frustration. I want to encourage people who are considering joining the industry to get an education that I wish was available to me years ago. I am asking people (like you) to spend a mere 99 cents and read my book on network marketing (available by clicking here). Or you can just to read as much as you can on this site. Doing so will give you tons of information you will not get from industry leaders and possibly save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration.

Again, I don’t hate the industry. I honestly think that network marketing offers people a chance to build their own future and take control of their lives. But you have to see beyond the hype and understand that there are some non-hypy companies out there. They are easier on your psyche’ and easier to earn money with. The “typical” company approach is VERY challenging and requires time commitments that you are not told about by industry leaders. So, if you are determined and willing to learn then you can indeed build a business.

So What Do I Recommend? | What’s Best?

truth about network marketingI am now a proud affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free, the training is free, and the websites are free. You need no experience in web design or marketing. You simply join, follow the training, and strive to build an online business. Just find a niche, follow the training and begin to see results.

Can you upgrade to even more training and opportunity? Yes indeed. Do you have to? No indeed. But the good news is that it only costs $19 for the first month and $49 each month following. The benefits and training are amazing. You will spend at least $100 per month just to stay commission qualified in most network marketing companies. For half the cost you can get extensive training and access to an unbelievable supporting community.

Tony Guthrie

Is there a network marketing company that I recommend that does not have the HYPE? Yes.  Simply visit this link https://morningcoffeecommute.com/bestrewards If you have questions simply contact me. I promise, I will not nag you. I don’t want to and I don’t need to.

Can you contact me? Yep. Anytime. tony@morningcoffee.com OR on my WA Page (Here)

More of my story HERE.

Visit my Wealthy Affiliate Profile HERE!


Tony Guthrie, PhD.

Tony Guthrie

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