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Network Marketing: Success Lessons from Gardening

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success tips for network marketingThere are plenty of “success” tips for network marketing out there. Many are good and many are fluff. I have determined that it is the old tried and true methods that still work best. And while I am no longer involved in the typical network marketing company, I have found that my suggestions below have been very beneficial in growing my business. I know they will work for any business or company. 

I recently decided to plant a small garden in my backyard. I have NEVER planted anything in my life. I got the idea while I was at Walmart with my wife. We were in the Lawn and Garden department and I saw the garden seed display. I thought, “What they hey, I think I will plant some radishes and watermelons.” I bought the seeds and ran home and followed the directions on the packet. Interestingly in about a week I saw little sprouts coming through the soil. I was hooked. It was just so cool to see those sprouts.

I ran back down to Walmart and bought cucumbers, squash, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, beets, zucchini, and peppers. My passion was ablaze.

As I planted each seed and watched the beginnings of a harvest it dawned on me that there are a few lessons for success in network marketing businesses within my gardening adventure. I thought I would share a few.

Develop a Passion for the Business

success tips for network marketingIf I have learned anything about success in gardening it is this … you must obtain a passion for it. I have come to love it. Every morning I dash out to my garden to see the new growth. I am always met with something new and exciting. Baby cucumbers have been born and tomatoes have become redder (Is that a word?). The squash is advancing to new levels of size and yellowness. It is so cool!

In our business we must have that same kind of passion. We must wake up with a desire make contacts, share the products and/or opportunity, and dive into more training. As I have studied gardening I have learned that there is always more to learn. There are problems to solve. It is the same with home-based businesses and network marketing. LEARN with PASSION!

Don’t Succumb to Discouragement

success tips for network marketingLearning gardening has been interesting to say the least. I have had days when the leaves on every plant were literally wilting. Some even looked dead. For the moment I was discouraged and thought I was a failure. But I returned to Youtube for insights and discovered that plants just do that. It may have been too hot or they received too much water (Yes, I over-watered). I discovered that the discouraging moments provide an opportunity to learn something new.

Isn’t it the same with our business? Can’t moments of seeming discouragement actually be an opportunity to learn something new. If something seems awry, simply investigate the problem. Youtube is an excellent source. I also am always willing to help you solve a problem. Simply contact me. No charge. No pressure. I am sure the answer will be revealed. Yes, you will have moments of discouragement … but stay the course, you probably over-watered 🙂

Pull the Weeds and Kill the Bad Bugs

success tips for network marketingI know. You saw this one coming. Everyone knows that with gardens come weeds and bugs. ALL weeds are bad and most bugs that raid a garden are bad too. There are some bugs that are our friends. They pollinate and help the plants grow and develop. But most need extermination. If not, they will enjoy the fruit of your labors. They will simply eat your plants and veggies.

If you don’t pull the weeds they will draw the nutrients from the soil that your garden needs. So, no matter what preventative measures you take, some weeds will emerge. You must roll up your sleeves and pull them out one by one.

Bugs and weeds can invade our network marketing business too. They appear as negative thought weeds – things that absorb your mental energy and take your mind to places other than where it should be in your business. Weeds are the thoughts that arise and you find yourself saying that you can’t do it.

Here is the truth. If you tell yourself you can’t make it, you will prove yourself right. If you tell yourself that you can and will, you will find that you can and will.

They also appear as bugs (negative people who tell you that you are silly to try to compete in the online world). Bug people eat away at your hopes and dreams. Exterminate them from your business garden. They can remain friends but simply choose to exterminate their negative comments. They are wrong. They are likely jealous that you have the guts to go for your dreams. Stay closer to the good bugs; those that pollinate and replenish your business garden. There are people in your life that believe in you. They will pollinate your goals with words of encouragement. Always welcome them into your garden.

Yes, Patience is Still a Virtue

success tips for network marketingI planted my garden in early April and at the time of this writing only minimal results can be seen. But they are GOOD RESULTS. No, I can’t harvest any veggies just yet but I can clearly see the day coming. I see baby cucumbers and small peppers. I see budding yellow flowers (a sign that a veggie has been conceived). I see new little tomatoes and expanding cantaloupe vines. Soon, VERY soon, I will benefit greatly from this effort … and so will many other people.

Be patient with your network marketing business. It will take time. I have been through a lot of the training and I have not heard anyone say that it will be a fast road. What they say is that with patience and consistency the day of the harvest is inevitable. Be patient. Stay the course! And if you just can’t seem to stay the course with your chosen business, perhaps what I do may be perfect for you.

Enjoy the Harvest

success tips for network marketingMy strawberry plant produced one beautiful red strawberry recently. All the others are still small and green. It was almost like the plant was wanting to give me an appetizer of what is to come. I ate that strawberry and yes, it was awesome! Why? Because I planted it. How could it not be awesome? My point is simply this: The fruit will come in abundance.

You may not be seeing the rich fruit of your labors just yet but if you do the above things I suggest, you will. It is simply a law of the universe. Too many people leave or quit when the harvest is closer than they may realize. Don’t be one of those people. You are better than that. How do I know? Because you were smart enough to go for your dreams and launch out in business!

I hope this is helpful.

Tony Guthrie //

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