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Why did I Create this Site? | Generally

failure in network marketingI created this website because we live in the work from home, home-based business, and internet business world. Countless thousands of people search the internet every day in search of a way to either have a full-time career, job, or business at home OR, at the very least, earn a part-time income as a side business.

For quite some time now network marketers have been using the internet and social media to draw people like you into their company. For decades the Network Marketing (aka: MLM – multi-level marketing) industry has drawn untold tens of thousands annually into their business opportunities. These untold thousands realize that the failure rate for the average distributor is well-over 90%. But because people are so desirous to see financial, relationship, and career change in their lives they tend to overlook these sad statistics. Why? Only psychologists know.

The HYPE of Network Marketing created by advertising and marketing specialists is designed to draw people like us in. They do a great job. Websites of these opportunity companies provide convincing testimonial videos of folks who are now enjoying the best of times and financial freedom. These people are normal folks. So, the mindset and rationale is, “If they can do it, then why can’t I?” 

So WHY did I Create this Site? | More Specifically

failure in network marketingLook, I am not someone who hates the industry of network marketing. I certainly do not blame people who want to enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, I do recommend a certain company, one that doesn’t have the hype and misdirection. Further, the company I promote doesn’t really do network marketing the way the others do. I sincerely applaud people who have the guts to take risks and go for their dreams. Network marketing may indeed be for you. But I created this site, and keep it updated, because I want to prepare honest and sincere people about the risks of network marketing. My goal is NOT to talk anyone out of joining a network marketing company. My goal basically comes down to the following:

  • to let you see the other side of the Hype of Network Marketing
  • to help you see how most companies use psychology to get you to lower your guard
  • to let you see exactly what motivates network marketing companies
  • to help you understand how it really is once you join a typical company (if you actually decide to do so)
  • to give you some of the “real” reasons only 2 – 3% of distributors actually make money in the typical company
  • to help you understand that the odds can be stacked against you from the start in many network marketing companies
  • and so much more

Check Back Often

failure in network marketingI started this site in January of 2017. Although there is a lot of information here now, there is so much more to come. Hundreds of books and websites can be written and developed and still barely scratch the surface of the ins and outs of network marketing. So, please check back often and see what new information has been added.

Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks again,

Tony Guthrie, tony@morningcoffeecommute.com

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2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Tried to go to Life plus site and they asked for the country – there did not seem to be a choice of USA- not sure why? Are you in this and is it working for you? We are trying to build a lead – email capture contest site to generate thousands and thousand of emails for list – there are several of us workings on it. Most all in WA. We will see if ti works shortly.

    1. Hi Dave. There is a place for the United States in the dropdown menu on the home page. It is almost the last one near the bottom of the long list of countries. Yes, I am in it and it is indeed working for me. Thanks for contacting me.

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