How to Make Money in Network Marketing

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how to make money network marketingEveryone (and I do mean everyone) who joins a network marketing company does so in order to make money. Now, the amount of money is relative. Some want to make a full-time income. Some want to supplement retirement. Others may only want a few hundreds bucks to lighten the load each month. In any case, EVERYONE who joins a network marketing company does so to earn money. The question is really, how to make money in network marketing. Here are a few thoughts. 

First, Know What Not to Do | Crazy Product and Business Pitching

how to make money in network marketingThe biggest mistake you can (and likely will) make is to get your business kit, make a list of 100 people you know either directly or indirectly, and go after them with the products or the opportunity. It doesn’t matter how big your smile or sincerity is. Learn this first a foremost, network marketing is a relationship business. People do not join companies, they join people. And they only join people that they know, like, and trust. 

You see, the 100 people we know is one thing. It’s a good thing. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that these people have all three ideals (know, like, and trust) toward us. They may know you and even like you, but they may not trust your business savvy. If you are just starting out then they will question your business or success credibility. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing this question: “Are you making money with this?” The likelihood is that your aren’t. And for many people that means you have no credibility (ie, they don’t trust that aspect of you). 

When you are just starting out, tell people this a new endeavor and that you are in a pre-launch phase. See if they are keeping their financial options open and if so ask them if they are they willing to consider building alongside of you. If so, then introduce them to someone in your upline who IS earning significant income.

Join a Dedicated Team | A Supporting Cast

how to make money network marketingNetwork marketing is not a “go it alone” business. You need support, encouragement, inspiration, and training from a group of people who are also growing a business. Many network marketing leaders create Facebook or LinkedIn groups for people who are in their downline. On these pages are testimonials of what works and what doesn’t. There are insights from people who have had successes (and failures) within the company. Getting this information can be invaluable and can save you time, energy, effort, and even money. This approach is simply among the best things you can do to start generating a residual income.

I am not involved in a traditional network marketing company any longer, but I am involved in the direct sales industry [to see what I do CLICK HERE]. And I am involved in a great group that provides all the training, encouragement and one-on-one help I need. I tried going it alone for years in other companies and the results were dismal and painful. Today I see daily success due to my involvement with a dedicated, supporting cast.

Tell Your Story | Honesty is STILL the Best Policy

how to make money network marketingHype, games, and bells and whistles are still commonplace in the industry of network marketing. But if you really want to learn how to make money in network marketing then simply get back to the basics of honesty and integrity. There is power in YOUR story. Word of mouth is still the most potent tool we have in life and business. Last week my wife and I searched for a restaurant someone told us had the best burgers around. We followed the GPS to where that restaurant was supposed to be and there was nothing there. But because we wanted that burger someone told us about, we spent the next 30 minutes looking for it. YES! We found it and it WAS the best burger in town!

how to make money network marketingSimply be honest. Be nice. Be real. Don’t be hypy and overly excited about the products or the opportunity. Simply look for natural ways for the subject to come up and share how and why the products and/or opportunity has benefitted you. I refer my company’s products every day without fail. I usually don’t look for the chance. Natural conversation about the products just tend to rise and I share my story. People almost always are interested.

Always remember that most people hate hype! Just be real. If your upline is hypy, stay away from them and even consider changing companies.

I hope this post has been helpful. This entire site is dedicated to revealing the honest truth about network marketing: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Please peruse the site and contact me with thoughts or questions at I answer every email within 48 hours. I’d love to hear from you.

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