How to Become Successful in Network Marketing

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How to Become Successful in Network Marketing

How to Become Successful in Network Marketing

how to become successful in network marketingIn this post I will tell you exactly how to become successful in network marketing. I will share the steps and principles that most successful network marketers say has worked for them. There are reasons that well over 90% of people fail in network marketing (aka: MLM – multi-level marketing) and most are because of a failure to follow these principles.

Again, those who have found success in network marketing simply did the following or variations of them:

Become a Product of the Product

how to become successful in network marketingBefore you tell the first person about the products and/or the business opportunity you must first use and love the company products. It is best that you have your own story as to how the products benefited you personally. It will be that benefit(s) that will cause you to want to share your personal results with others. Obviously you want them to receive the same benefit(s) as you have received. This makes you a good and caring person. It is easy to talk about something that you have personally benefited from.

I find it interesting that “word of mouth” is still considered the best form of advertising. Of all the forms of marketing available today, none have the same powerful pull of word of mouth. We do indeed tend to try restaurants, stores, products and services that a respected friend tells us about. Businesses want your referrals and testimonials because they know they work. Countless businesses have customer testimonials on their advertisements and websites because they have proven to be successful.

So if it works for everything else then it would make sense that you should do the same. So, use the products and/or services of your company and share your experience and results (your story) with others. The over 90% who fail in network marketing simply do not follow this principle.

Believe in the Company Enough to Talk About It

how to become successful in network marketinghow to become successful in network marketingYes, that’s it. Talk to everyone. Since word of mouth is so potent … talk. Talk to friends, family members, Facebook contacts, virtually anyone who is alive and breathing and who may have a need or interest in the products or services you offer. Just contact everyone in any way you can. Don’ stop. Remember, it’s a numbers game. A common saying in the industry is this:

Every ‘no’ you gets you closer to a yes.

I’m not sure I buy that statement completely but I do know that the more people you talk to the greater the probability of success.  You will indeed get more customers and associates. In fact, don’t just talk about the business, but brand yourself in the business. Be the business! Talk it! Walk it! Take it! Drink it! Wear it! Put window banners on your car! This is what the successful network marketers say they do. So, you should too.

But (reality check) people indeed leave the industry in droves because of this strategy. Why? Because it can be uncomfortable for the average person. BUT if you have a story to tell because of the results of the product or service, people will likely listen. THEN when they see the same results, they will also feel comfortable sharing their story. Remember: Word of Mouth.

Be On the Training/Corporate Calls

how to become successful in network marketingThis is a BIG one. If you join just about any network marketing company your upline sponsor will make it his or her goal to get you on every weekly training/corporate call. These calls usually involve:

  • product testimonials
  • information about contests and/or promotions
  • sales techniques
  • social media marketing tips
  • insights from someone who has just achieved another rank
  • and more
how to become successful in network marketing
How to Become Successful in Network Marketing

The reason your sponsor wants you on the call is simple: he or she wants you to stay pumped and motivated. There is a HUGE motivational thrust on these calls. They also want you to invite your prospects to join the calls as well. The idea is simple, if you have a prospect then someone who is doing well in the business can encourage your prospect to join the business while on the call.

These calls are very rah rah and motivational. That’s a good thing. Even people who have been in the business for months and haven’t seen significant success chime in with positive reinforcement. They are believers and I admire their belief and determination. I really do. They are going for their goals and I think they should be commended for it.

Being on the calls can help you learn so much more about the company, the product line, and marketing. Also, you will begin to make friendships with people who are doing what you are doing. This is a substantial aspect of the calls. These calls simply offer a lot by way of support and encouragement.

Attend the Annual Convention

how to become successful in network marketingThis may be the granddaddy of them all. In most companies distributors are encouraged to attend the annual convention. At this annual event the biggest names in the company will speak and motivate you to join them at the top. These conventions can be quite costly when you consider the cost of the convention tickets, travel, food, and hotel expenses. But usually these are business expenses that can be written off.

Distributors attend for several of reasons.

  • They hope to gain business building strategies and insights
  • They want to meet company leaders
  • They want to hear the success stories of people, just like them, who were once where they are.

how to become successful in network marketingYou are also encouraged to attend because the company president will be speaking. One of the things I find interesting about us network marketers is our infatuation with the company president. Maybe it is just my personality but I have never understood why we make such a big deal out of the president. But seemingly every company does this. I don’t mind, Que Sera, Sera.

So, attending the annual convention can make a big difference in your network marketing business. I have never met a successful distributor who did not attend the convention.

Bottom Line: In this post I have told you exactly how to become successful in network marketing. I will add one final note. These successful people will also tell you that they worked hard on possessing and keeping a positive mental attitude and mindset. They simply will not allow negativity to enter their minds. They refuse to associate with naysayers and Negative Nancys. They will all tell that success begins with mindset.

This is what all of the successful people will tell you they did and do. So, go do the same. See if it works for you. It probably will.

I hope this post has been helpful.

Tony Guthrie

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  1. I like the way you tell the truth about MLM in here. Yes folks can make money in MLM with the right ethic and attitude. I notice across your website here you come to make the point that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go rather than a MLM model company. That is a not really a MLM but a training course for affiliate marketers or those looking to create a blog site to promote their passion and product. Would you recommend that over getting started in yet another MLM system?

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